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Dutch yacht builders have crafted a reputation as being among the world’s very best, with an extraordinary density of high quality, high value shipyards operating out of the Netherlands. Part of the reason for the dominance of Dutch yacht builders in the (mini)superyacht industry stems from Holland’s prestigious history of boat building, which stretches back centuries. 

Aluminium body

All BK hull components are being high precision milled from top quality aluminum. The 5 mm thick aluminum 5083 alloy allows for a construction that is both light and extremely strong. In terms of sustainability; your BK yacht will last for many generations. 

Outstanding colors

Even though aluminium has good anti-corrosive properties by itself we like some extra protection, and of course; colour! After the hull construction is complete, it is send to sandblasting after which the primer is applied. Numerous layers of paint later a perfect finish is achieved. 

Beautiful Deck

Each BK is standard equipped with the lightest, most durable and best looking composite deck available. Our modern hull design works brilliantly with the elegant lines of the classic style composite teak deck. Available in different styles and colors, this deck provides not only grip an style, but is practically maintenance free. 

Finest upholstery

Often left out of the equation, but of the highest importance; the cushions and upholstery. At BK Yachts we put great effort in designing seats and cushions that are comfortable & durable. Only industry leading fabrics and materials are used, known for their comfort and water repellent characteristics. Shape, foam and the stitches are taken into account. We just need your help in deciding the colors.

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