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The world's first Mini-Superyacht. Full electric.


The updated BK 750 can get you anywhere you want to go. This hybrid- or electric drive tender delivers unmatched capability, performance, and style. Start your electric adventure!

Fully equipped

Aluminium hull

100+ Electric Miles

Hybrid motor option

Expand your reach

Barcelona to Mallorca

Luxury is standard

Thick aluminum 5083 alloy

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Exterior design

The 2022 design update builds on the signature Brandkuip lines while increasing hull performance.  

Air intake

Integrated engineroom ventilation

New transom

Smoother transom design with extended deck

Interior layout

The interior gives you the freedom and comfort you expect. The sunbed is equipped with an adjustable backrest, and the cabin offers a double bed and extra storage space.


Bed &

electric toilet 


Comfort & storage

Ergonomic seats

Special designed comfort seats


The sunbed is equipped with an adjustable backrest. This allows the driver to change position from sitting all the way into standing. When the backrest is locked in the forward position, maximum sunbathing area is created.

Bed hatch

Huge storage

Key lock

Certified DOM lock

Easy handling

Powerfull gassprings

Engine box

The universal engine box is designed so the BK 750 can meet your specific needs. It easily fits a traditional combustion engine. But also is ideal for electric engines & battery. Why not combine both?

Key lock

Certified DOM lock

Easy handling

Powerfull gassprings


Okay, we get it. People seek peace and quietness when cruising the waters, but now and then that silence has to be broken. For that moment, we make sure you hear crystal clear tunes in any conditions. 

JL Speaker

Weather Resistant

JL Subwoofer

High Quality Bass


The specially updated design cushions really add to the overall design of the BK 750. Handmade in the Netherlands from the absolute best materials. These cushions are built for comfort and durability.

Arm rest


Cup holders

Integrated design

Ergonomic design

Designed for maximal comfort

Spray top

Longer trips and changing weather can be motivations for connecting the spraytop. Can a spraytop ever look good on your boat? Yes, definitely. 

Clear visability

Spraytop window

Extra comfort

Foldable spraytop

Bow thruster

Our thrusters are fitted with proven induction technology. This system makes use of carbon brushes obsolete. As a result, the bow thruster is very quiet and has indefinite run-time!

Easy handling

Powerfull bowthruster with stepless controler

Multifunctional display

The multifunctional display gives you the feedback you need. See your BK 750 performance details, change your Spotify playlist, or navigate unfamiliar waters.


Raymarine Axion 7

Navigation, music, lights, battery levels, etc.


The BK 750 is only as long as its name. For detailed information about the dimensions, contact our team. We can even show how your new yacht fits with your house & cars.

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